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A Short History

Mainframe is a creative production studio specialising in innovative short form commercials and brand content.  An independent and resourceful studio entering our 20th year, Mainframe’s heritage in motion graphics and broadcast has evolved to include production, direction, creative direction, animation, post-production and visual effects.

Our strengths include creating concepts and solutions to briefs and we like to get involved in the creative process as early as possible. We also find time to create innovative software and have a long standing working relationship with Autodesk developing new tools for their upcoming software releases.

Working directly with brands such as Amazon, Dyson, Mtv, Virgin and Harrods we have created an efficient model allowing the client contact with all levels of production. We have also developed a good working relationship with many of London’s top agencies.

Our London and Manchester studios are home to a full time set of talented directors, animators, vfx artists and motion designers. We currently employ 20 artists over these two sites. The core team is often expanded through a network of exceptional partners we have developed successful relationships with throughout the years.

Mainframe’s directors have between them more than 50 years experience in motion design and vfx along with management experience in broadcast design and branding. Our directors and creatives are regular contributors to industry press and top awards judging panels.



Both direct to client and through the worlds’ top agencies we have produced work for some of the planets’ biggest brands, including…

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what we do...

/ Social

Mainframe have often been asked to lend their expertise to digital and social projects. Executions and concepts specifically designed for grabbing attention on social media, targetted advertising and interactive digital content. Our in-house project 'FOR APPROVAL' attracted over 40 million views in just a couple of weeks and increased our instagram following from 500 to 50,000 almost overnight!

For your viewing pleasure here, all executions are displayed in 16:9 format but were delivered in many aspect ratios for various media.


what we do...


It's where it all started for us. Mainframe's motion graphics expertise has been exploited by broadcasters, agencies, luxury brands, tech companies, charities, and retailers for 20 years.

Motion GFX is an ever changing beast. Originating as simple 2D animated type, it's since matured necessitating a wide spectrum of 3D skills and styles to meet the demands of an ever changing and expanding media landscape. At Mainframe we are constantly improving our knowledge and skillset in a wide variety of disciplines ensuring we remain at the forefront of motion graphics trends.

Here is a selection of our highlights... 


what we do...


Arguably there is some sort of animation in everything we do...

For the sake of argument we have chosen to categorise characters and elements imbued with character. Our talented team can turn their hands to most forms of animation and we love to develop scripts and concepts with clients ensuring they can benefit from our experience and knowledge of whats possible, (which is pretty much anything).


what we do...


Some of our most successful VFX jobs have been a labour of love, but worth it! 

Our talented team have all the bases covered from fluid simulations to photo real modelling and rendering. Their eye for detail produces Hollywood level VFX, we only wish the price tag could match!


what we do...

To Post

Working directly with Dyson’s creative and marketing team we have produced and post produced many of their commercials for fans. Utilising many disciplines and across different media we have created live action/CG and live action as well as fully CG sequences.

The nature of Dyson’s approach to their marketing requires exacting attention to detail. Ensuring the revolutionary scientific invention is communicated in the most beautiful and creative way.

Mainframe have worked with Dyson elevating their initial brief into fully realised films. We have pre-produced, produced and directed all live action elements, employed technical partners to create bespoke props that take full advantage of the products features and created all CG, animation, composition, grading and finishing in-house. 


what we do...


Our branding projects have almost exclusively been for broadcast companies, (although we are always up for trying something new...). Whether its creating new brand content in conjunction with in-house branding teams or devising and designing completely new brand visualisations we have the chops.


what we do...


We're always pushing the limits of the software we use to produce our work so there are regularly times we need to design custom solutions to the specific challenges thrown up by a project.

Our love of Software Development started in earnest with a product called MASH. Now a part of Autodesk's industry standard 3d application Maya, it started life as an internal tool born out of our Manchester studio. It was designed as an interface between the more technically minded and those more artistically inclined to offer complexity at the click of a few buttons.

Since Autodesk's acquisition of MASH in 2015 we've been working closely with them in improving its capabilities alongside developing new tools and solutions which then find their way back into our production pipeline. Having developers alongside the artists using their tools has benefitted both disciplines creating a virtuous circle contributing towards the success of our work.

NEWS FLASH - Ian recently flew out to Hollywood to meet the Academy (yes, that Academy!) as MASH is in the running for a SciTech award. We’re brushing off DJs and clearing a space in the trophy cabinet just in case.

We continue to develop our own tools which can be found under the Products section of this website.