Dyson - The Collection


Working directly with Dyson’s creative and marketing team we have produced and post produced many of their commercials for fans. Utilising many disciplines and across different media we have created live action/CG and live action as well as fully CG sequences.

The nature of Dyson’s approach to their marketing requires exacting attention to detail. Ensuring the revolutionary scientific invention is communicated in the most beautiful and creative way.

Mainframe have worked with Dyson elevating their initial brief into fully realised films. We have pre-produced, produced and directed all live action elements, employed technical partners to create bespoke props that take full advantage of the products features and created all CG, animation, composition, grading and finishing in-house. 



The post production on our latest Dyson commercial was a full team affair! The C4D team created the interior particle sequence. The exterior matte painting and set lighting was carefully considered to ensure the floating particles and device, (entirely CG throughout) looked their best and stood out. These elements were created in Maya and comped in Nuke. The Phone GFX scenes were created in After Effects and a template supplied so they could be localised around the globe. We graded in our in-house resolve suite and versioned/clocked UK, US and Asian markets from there.



We were delighted to produce, direct and post this commercial for the Asian market which highlights just how effective their vacuum cleaners are in eliminating the ever present problem of pollution in China’s larger cities. To overcome the logistical problems of shooting in China, Mainframe proposed completely recreating a Chinese city in CG, complete with traffic and smog. We filmed a baby and mother with a motion control rig at a green screen studio in central London and recreated the Chinese apartment in CG. The project was composited in Nuke and graded in Davinci resolve at Mainframe HQ in London. 



The biggest challenge in this production was how to really give the viewer a sense of how much quieter the new generation of fans are and also why. An accurate 3d depiction of the new technology was created to show off the new technology and composited into the fan, x-ray style. To engage the viewer, a point of view shot was fully prevized and then programmed into a milo motion control rig to give the feeling of being at the very heart of the airflow.



This Ad, specifically for Japanese Broadcast, reversed the perception of a bladeless fan lacking power. 

By showing an engineers testing lab with an array of Pinwheels being driven by one Dyson Air Multiplier.
For the exquisitely designed and engineered PinWheels we collaborated with Jason Bruges Studio, perfecting the final design after extensive material, structure and dynamics tests.  

We designed the testing lab set, and shot everything in camera with only clean up and grading left to post production.



An irreverent moment where an old style desk fan meets some rather more up to date competition. 

We caught sight of this board while working with the Creative team at Dyson, and we just had to do it!  Realised entirely in CGI, we were keen for the motion and behaviour to be routed in realistic physics.  By avoiding overly anthropomorphised characters, and lending a photo realistic bias to the visual style.  The film has the slick zen-like style associated with Dyson, while exhibiting a wry humour that affords some charm and personality.