UBS: The Line


Creating a track containing the most iconic curves of the six most famous F1 tracks was fun, albeit brief, we had just seven days to turn this project around!

A real test for our VFX pipeline we had to be innovative in the way we worked. Simple geometry of the track and buildings were created in Maya and transferred to Nuke where the texturing was achieved with camera projection. It soon became apparent that hand animating the reveal wasn't practical in the time so we devised a tool for procedural animation relative to the camera's distance. 

Due to the amount of geometry required we also wrote a script that 'turned off' any geometry when it was not visible in camera. This approach gave us the opportunity to light the night section entirely in Nuke.

To maintain the resolution at close quarters some of the texture maps were 12k. We began the job while nuke was still 32bit but our friends at the Foundry hooked us up with an early BETA of nuke 64bit which made the project possible and run extremely quickly.