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We love this kind of brief, it's sort of what we do... below is a selection of projects old and new that we believe showcase the talents our team can bring to a creative partnership.

We've started lots of these internal projects over the years. This rare creature is one that's finally found its way out of the studio.

Since its launch there have been over 40 million views online and counting...

We were thrilled to work with Red Bull and UMTV on the graphics package for their countdown show 'Worldies'. With 30 episodes showcasing the most incredible moments in action sports, variety was key to keep each one fresh. Using abstracted visual cues echoing the sports featured throughout the show, we created a set of 15 Number Stings as well as the Title Sequence and In-Show Graphics package. This is a highlight reel of some of the number stings.

Mainframe were invited by Box Plus Network to create a series of idents for their music channel Kiss TV. With Kiss being at the forefront of Music TV in the U.K. the brief for the idents was to created something innovative, visually stunning and different to anything else on UK TV screens.


We pushed the boundaries in terms of look and feel with these idents. Spending large amounts of time doing research and development, particularly in new forms of procedural animation, gave us tools we needed to create something truly original. The Box Plus team were particularly supportive of this experimental way of working and hopefully the results are worth the effort everyone put into the project.

MASH is an Autodesk product shipping with Maya 2016 Extension 2.

It is a procedural animation tool developed by Mainframe and aquired by Autodesk in 2015. Since then we have formed a working relationship designing and developing further tools for their 3D software, Maya.

BASH is a film produced by Mainframe to celebrate the release of the MASH Dynamics node in Maya 2018.

A development in the MASH tool by Mainframe for for Maya.

A little looping animation we put on our homepage for the last festive period as a tongue in cheek comment on the wonder that was 2016...

As part of their network wide rebrand the good folk at Channel 5 asked us to create a series of continuity bumpers for their schedule. 

A fun part of the rebrand process to be involved with, the brief was to create abstract graphic moments using the new segmented logo that would start and end from the logo’s hero location. After creating a number of exploratory animations the creative directors curated these final versions to develop and deliver.

Each bumper was created in all of the channel colour ways equaling 56 possible options… each of these options are paired with multiple continuity messages as white type overlaid resulting in countless possible variations!

As long time users of 3d software Autodesk Maya we were thrilled to be asked us to create a striking intro sequence for their Vision Series videos. A showcase for their thought leadership in all things 3d and beyond.

Our answer, to what was a very open brief, was to abstract the journey of a beam of light as it travels through to an eye. We used many of Maya's features in the execution of this piece but it also served to show off what can be achieved using our plugin MASH which Autodesk acquired from us in 2015. MASH now ships as part of Maya 2016 Extension 2 and has made some big waves in the Motion Graphics world following its announcement at NAB in April '16.

Following on from our work on the Vision Series project we were delighted to be invited back by Autodesk to create an intro sequence for their online Maya channel.

Again, creatively it was a very open brief - 'show off the features in Maya'.

The simple form of a cube bursting open to reveal layers of interest and complexity is intended to echo the creative process before finding Maya at the centre of it all; the nucleus enabling all this creativity. We used many Maya features in the execution of this piece including Xgen, nCloth, Bifrost and, of course, MASH.

One of a series of Idents we created for the launch of Spike channel in the UK.

Mainframe were delighted to be part of BMW’s XDrive campaign. Working with Oxfordshire based Juice Productions, Mainframe were tasked with producing a beautiful piece of content that explained to the masses the ins and outs of XDrive. Taking the lead from the live action above the line campaign, Mainframe’s 3d team created a particle system that cleverly mimicked a set of iron filings reacting to a high powered magnet. 

Mainframe added to our luxury brand portfolio with this animated journey through an abstract jewellery landscape. We worked closely with the amazing Chris Turner, who provided us with beautifully photographed stills. We then recreated each piece of jewellery in 3D, allowing us to travel through the scenes for the animated sequence. The final piece was used across various social media platforms, including the Louis Vuitton website.

We were delighted to be invited back for the second time to reimagine the packaging design for N-View, Nickelodeon’s flagship entertainment guide.  
This time we conjured up the N-View magic box, a device with all the energy and bounding enthusiasm of a new puppy.  The box turned out to be quite a charmingly plucky little character. Packed with all the infinite possibilities of the entertainment landscape. Always bounding around the screen in a flurry of delightful flips, twists and pirouettes, exploding in playful bursts and pops, not to mention morphing and transforming with impossible trap doors, secret panels and portals.
The full package included everything from Titles and Closer sequences, bespoke section stings, menu beds straps and animated iconography.  We used a combination of Cinema 4d for the 3D animation, along with Flash for the 2D elements. The final sequences were finished and finessed in After effects.  

Part of a series of Ads designed to illustrate the flexibility and ease of use of the Mobile Betting App from William Hill.
The spot is choreographed to show an acrobatic mobile device housing the App, which transforms into various Sports environments and actions. Before coming to rest with a neat interaction with Live Action performance.

We were asked to produce these animations for the new Sony Xperia campaign.

As well as these animations that we produced for billboards we also supplied low poly models for the blippar feature of the print campaign.

Gravity Road came to us to execute their scripts for their promotion for AOL advertising space. We animated a series of online ads and set up offline poster artwork.
You probably saw them on every media website you visited!

An irreverent moment where an old style desk fan meets some rather more up to date competition. 
We caught sight of this board while working with the Creative team at Dyson, and we just had to do it!  
Realised entirely in CGI, we were keen for the motion and behaviour to be routed in realistic physics.  By avoiding overly anthropomorphised characters, and lending a photo realistic bias to the visual style.  We created a film which has the slick zen-like style associated with Dyson, while exhibiting a wry humour that affords the Ad charm and personality.

Animated with stills it was great to work on a project this simple and direct with its message. A history of Nike footwear and technological advances is revealed through a running cycle.

The featured sequences are part of wider online programme packaging and promotional billboards for the Swatch Mtv Playground Brand. The brand pairs creatives and musicians together to discuss fashion, music and creativity.

These spots were created to sit individually on portrait screens throughout the Harrods department store for their 'A Week in Her shoes' campaign during London Fashion Week and the later 'By Appointment' service.

After being supplied photography by Harrods, we added the Maya built/rigged and textured butterflies to the photography. The butterflies were animated in a loop of 10 seconds. The boxes and handbags were modelled, textured and animated in Maya and the spots were comped in Nuke.

tech21 commissioned Mainframe to produce several films promoting their range of phone cases. This is a directors cut of the Evo Check case.

Harrods came to us with a fairly open concept for this spot to promote their fine watch room. A nest of ants work together to create the iconic Harrods logo using parts from watch movements. 

Mainframe was responsible for creating the flow and narrative of the spot, concentrating on camera moves and set-ups, trying to create shots that would draw the viewer into the story and emphasise the macro scale of the scenes.

An important part of the R&D for our animators was studying the behaviour and movement of ants. We were lucky to find some amazing reference footage from a BBC documentary, (always at the forefront of the game!). This was vital as reference for the last two shots, how they interact in the piles or ‘death spiral’, as it is known in ant circles.